DanceHosiery is a company that produces socks and tights specifically for dancers and skaters.

Dance Line

Our products are studied to give comfort and adhere perfectly to the dancers legs, as a second skin.
Every article is manufactured with first class materials from the best Italian companies in the textile industry.

Production and customization of your purchase on the spot.

Wide product range constantly updating

You can propose innovative and highly performant articles

Skating Line

We propose professional hosiery products for artistical skating on roller and ice skates.

Our tights are made with fine finishings, they’re resistant, comfortable and elegant.

Our flexible production, allows you to decide the amount of products to buy

What they say about us

Production of women’s tights and stokings for dancing and skating

Our company is specialised in the production and wholesale of women’s and girls’ tights and stockings for dancing and skating.

With more than ten years of experience in the textile industry, we now offer a wide range of professional products designed in accordance with the opinions and recommendations of experts and professionals.

Our quality ingredients include first-choice raw materials and a know-how acquired after years of experience. We use yarns sourced from the most prestigious international yarn producers certified in line with European standards.

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Our products are made totally step by step in Italy, with high tech machinery.


Our products are assembled and finished with specifical industrial machinery making the item ideal for the next step.


For dyeing we avail on the best Italian companies, with full observance of european regulations related to health protection and environmental safety.


Our products are inspected, customized with clients specifications and shipped.

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